House Music

Now house music has saved my life on many occasions, but we will not get into that….. Why is it that no one knows about his underground community? yes of course it is underground, but there is sooooo much art and expression that come from it…

Ok, house music does sometimes sound like pots and pans smacking against each other, and personally i cannot stand THAT kind of house music. I enjoy the soulful house, which include vocals and a meaning behind the lyrics or the actual mix. There are many house tracks that just have wild and crazy sounds that mesh together to sound like mush…

Regardless house is a feeling…. a true expression… If you can understand house in its purest form then you might understand what we feel in the community.. yes this may all sound like stupid gay gibberish to many… but still, house is of extreme importance to me….

So house dancing is an expression of yourself…. we have already accomplished this… but what do people get from listening to this music or actually dancing in this weird cool form?? I personally feel like i am free of judgement and critizism.. i literally dont care when i am in the trainstation, and i look like a “fool” when i am dancing to a tune that i like…… hrrmmm.. I dont want to rave about this anymore.. i can talk forever about this….  We’ll talk lata!!


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